Welcome to the Forest Brooke CDD

Welcome to the official website for the Forest Brooke Community Development District (the “District”). This website is funded on behalf of the District to serve two major purposes. The first is to comply with Chapter 189.069 of the Florida Statutes, which requires each special district to maintain an official internet website. The second is an effort to help educate the general public about the services provided by the District, and to highlight the other agencies involved in the day-to-day operations of the community. These agencies include, but are not limited to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Hillsborough County and the Forest Brooke homeowner’s association.

Please be advised that the Forest Brooke Community Development District (the “District”), a local unit of special purpose government created under Florida law, has constructed and is responsible for the maintenance of certain improvements, infrastructure and facilities within the District. The District financed this construction through the sale of tax-exempt bonds, a form of public financing. As a result, and in accordance with applicable federal and state law, all District owned improvements, infrastructure and facilities are and shall remain open and accessible to the general public. Should you have any questions on this matter, non-resident user fees applicable to District recreational facilities, or any other general District issue, please feel free to contact the District Manager.  

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Zoom Information for CDD Meetings:

Zoom Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/9564962978

Meeting ID: 956 496 2978

Passcode: 516708Gms

Zoom Call In # 646-876-9923


Explanation of Fiscal Year 2024 Assessment/Budget Increase 

Reserve Funds:

In anticipation of unexpected (or expected) maintenance and upkeep projects, the board has a fiduciary duty to ensure a reserve of funds that is substantial enough to cover costs without reducing other budgetary line items or placing the district in a poor financial position. Examples of potential upcoming maintenance projects include a full resurfacing of the pool and the current splash pad repair. This fund protects our assets and our financial health.

Utility Costs:

As you’ve likely noticed on your personal utility bills, the cost of utilities has risen. To ensure that the district has set aside enough money to absorb these increases, the board has increased the budget line item for utilities. 

Insurance Premiums:

Just like utilities, insurance premiums throughout the state have risen (sometimes dramatically). The district must protect its assets through insurance and this line item was increased to provide the additional funds needed for this cost.

Amenity Center Staffing:

As one of the busiest amenity centers in the Southshore area, additional staffing is needed to maintain, protect, and staff the amenity center. Our amenity center regularly sees 2000+ visits per month in addition to the weekly party room rentals. In order to properly staff the center, the budget for this line item was increased. This will ensure that residents have an exceptional level of customer service on each visit. 

If you have additional questions please contact Paul Cilia (Chairman) at seat3@forestbrookecdd.org or Jason Greenwood (District Manager) at jgreenwood@gmstnn.com. 

Hours of Operation:

Pool and hot tub are open Dawn to Dusk seven days a week, except for certain holidays.

Fitness Center is open 24/7. 

Clubhouse Phone Number: 813-296-1313